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Underground detectable tape 3" X1000' fiber optic line

3” x 1000’ Underground Detectable Tape
Many imprints available, 3" or 6" wide, from stock!
Aren’t you going to look silly when the city ruptures that main because you forgot to mark the site with Merco All-Metal Underground Detectable Warning Tape.
The lot is 2 rolls of 3” x 1000’ BURIED FIBER OPTIC LINE tape. Lay it in the trench, above your installation, and it’s detectable from above the ground. No more wondering where that live line is. No more digging with the back hoe, hitting the juice and saying “that’s it!…”
And no more explaining to the building inspector why you shouldn’t pay that huge fine for someone else breaking your unmarked cable.
Or, stop by our corporate website to see our full line of tape products: the Merco Company