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Titanium tube tubes tubing 8MM (5/16") od 10X42" length

For sale is a lot of 10 titanium tubes with 8 millimeter (0.31 inch or 5/16th of an inch) outer diameter and 0.5 millimeter (0.02 inch, 1/50th of an inch) wall thickness. The exact length varies between 107.9 and 108.4 centimeters (42.5 inches). This is Russian aerospace surplus titanium, fairly soft and can be bent or machined pretty much like low carbon steel. X-ray fluorescence analysis indicates 99+% purity, the only other detectable component is Aluminum (0.5-1.0%). I use these for my own aeronautical needs, namely, making kites.
The weight of this material is about 55 grams per meter (17 grams per foot).
All ten of these tubes have a gray, brushed finish. They are not absolutely straight - there may be a few millimeter curvature, but that can easily be straightened out by the end user.

Titanium tube tubes tubing 8MM (5/16