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New emerson 36" roof hood , fully crated

Emerson 36" Roof Hood, Crated (on skid)
NOTE: Standard Supply Fans become Exhaust Fans, and Exhaust Fans become Supply Fans when installed into these hoods. All fans must be purchased separately.
* Use this hood either as a static vent hood, or in conjunction with wall exhaust or supply fans, listed elsewhere here by us. Consider #1SDS36FB for 1hp 115/230v 1ph exhaust fan. (Although 1SDS36FB is listed as a "supply fan", it acts as an EXHAUST fan when installed in these hoods; blows upwards, out of the building).
Consider additional accessories: Supply or Exhaust fans (read NOTE above); Roof Curb (fixed or adjustable); Roof exhaust backdraft dampers; Shutter motors (for use with roof exhaust back draft dampers).
* Weather-resistant galvanized steel hood and side panels
* Weathertight when fully assembled and latched
* Latches designed for locks
For Installation Instructions from ::
Product is exact replacement for older, Dayton branded equipment.
Please contact us if you need additional accessories.
You must notify us via email if you're selecting Option 1.
Pick up is available for all of our items – Please contact us for more information.

New emerson 36