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New - - swiss federal tesa lever dial indicator 0.00005"

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* High quality Lever Type Dial Test Indicators, made in Switzerland by FEDERAL-TESA
* Factory new, never used, still in plastic sealing
* Continuous clockwise pointer rotation providing clear unambiguous reading
* Insensitive to magnetic fields
* Jeweled movement with rubies
* Ball bearing lever mechanism
* Full metal construction giving exceptional robustness
* One piece housing with 3 dovetail mounting attachments
* Regular Retail price +$200 !!
* Swiss quality, heavy duty, will last during many years
* $11 - €7 for Europe (4-8 days)
* $13 - €9 Worldwide (including USA & Canada, 7-30 days)
«You're a Great Seller! I'm Very Satisfied! Item is Well Packed!»
« Totally sweet-had Certificate of Authenticity of, pretty damn cool! Great Seller, sooner than thought too. »
« Spedizione pronta e sicura oggetto ottimo »
« Danke für die angenehme/superschnelle Transaktion. Ausgez. Verkäufer »
« Produit conforme, embalage soigné, aucun problème de délai, complète satisfaction »
« Besser gehts nicht !!!!!!! »
« It arrived here in perfect condition, thanks to your packaging. I’m extremely pleased with it. Those units are rare down here. I’ll be sure to put it to good use. »

New - - swiss federal tesa lever dial indicator 0.00005