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SS6008Z stainless steel bearings, 6008ZZ, S6008ZZ, 6008

Stainless steel bearings, number SS6008-ZZ. SOLD BY THE PIECE. Sometimes marked as SS6008ZZ, SS6008-Z, SS6008Z, S6008-ZZ, S6008-Z, S6008ZZ, S6008Z, 6008-ZZ, 6008-Z, 6008ZZ, 6008Z, or simply 6008. This is a quality metric ball bearing in a very common size many HVAC & industrial applications. They are made from STAINLESS STEEL. Each bearing is shielded on both sides with SS shields, to help protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination. The bearings have a C3 clearance. These are self lubricated bearings (bearings are already greased).
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