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Trane centrifugal liquid chiller

Trane centrifugal chillers have a long pedigree. For over 60 years, these products have embodied the global standard of reliability, efficiency and durability. This product continues to be the choice of thousands of engineers and owners worldwide because its reliability and energy efficiency offers lower operating cost over the life of a variety of different types of buildings and applications, from comfort to process cooling. The hermetic design prevents contaminants from affecting the longevity of the machine and virtually eliminates the risk of releasing refrigerants into the environment during normal operations.
The Trane Centravac is automatically controlled through a combination pneumatic/ electric system using dependable components for safe and precise operation.
Capacity control is achieved by automatic modulation of dual sets of inlet guide vanes. The variable guide vanes ( one set per stage of compression ) operate on the principles of prerotation and throttling of the refrigerant gas flow to the compressor wheels. Guide vane position is controlled from the leaving chilled water temperature, resulting in an accurate match of centravac capacity to system load.
The Trane coordinated pneumatic/ electric control design provides these advantages
A. Fully automatic: the coordinated system starts, stops and modulates the
Centravac over a complete range of system demands.
B. Dependable operations: standard industrial grade air conditioning components
C. Safe operation: motor overload and low chilled liquid temperature control is
Engineered into the coordinated system
D. Simplicity: easy to understand pneumatics and basic electrical circuits simplify service and maintenance
E. Flexibility: adjustable components allow precise tuning of the centravac response to system demand. Multiple centravac applications are handled with ease.
The centravac control panel incorporates the following standard features and components
A. Individual gauges for: oil pressure, evaporator refrigerant pressure, condenser refrigerant pressure, purge condenser drum pressure.
B. Automatic safety shutdown relays with pilot lights and manual reset for: low evaporator refrigerant temperature, high condenser refrigerant pressure, high motor temperature, low oil pressure
C. Front mounted rocker, switch and system energization, pilot light providing Centravac on-off control.
D. Demand limit switch to permit selection of maximum motor loading between 40 percent and 100 percent of design full load.
E. Antirecycle timer to insure 30-minute intervals between successive compressor starts
F. Timing relay to ensure a positive oil supply to the compressor bearings during normal shutdowns.
G. Meters to indicate number of compressor starts and total elapsed running time.
H. Safety controls and interlocks to ensure unloaded compressor start and coast-down, positive oil pressure and proper oil temperature at start-up and positive oil supply whenever the main starter run contractors are closed regardless of control circuit indication
I. Normally closed auxillary alarm circuits providing remote annunciation of low evaporator refrigerant temperature, high condenser refrigerant pressure, high motor temperature and low oil pressure
J. Numbered terminal strip for field interlock wiring. In addition, the basic pneumatic temperature control system components as described previously can be installed within the control panel enclosure. When the pneumatic controller is mounted in the controller and mounted in the control panel, a mounted gauge is provided to indicate the temperature of the leaving chilled liquid.
Trane has been the leader in a wide range of types and sizes of water chillers for over 50 years. The centrifugal water chiller continues that heritage. It offers unparalleled efficiency, reliability and simplicity.
This particular unit is a centrifugal direct drive centravac chiller with the following specifications:
A. Model number: cvha-038c-hc-08jc2azagld1a511
C. Compressor motor: 3600 rpms
· Utilization voltage range is 414-506 vac
· Minimum circuit ampacity is 518 amps
· Recommended dual element fuse 700 amps
Compressor Mtr 1 460 60 3 408 2400 780
Oil pump mtr 1 460 60 3 .6 fta .25 HP
Oil tank heater 1 115 60 1 750 WATTS
Control circuit 1 115 60 1 60 VAMAX
Purge compr mtr 1 115 60 1 750 WATTS
Compressor motor controller and overload protection provided by others per Trane S.E.S. 14-18.00 caution ct voltage limiter part number 4516-2024-01
Refrigerant system field charged with 770 lbs of R11 refrigerant
Max Air Pressure Supply 1 20 psig
Design Pressure Hi side 15 psig Lo side 15 psig
Factory Test Press Hi side 45 psig Lo side 45 psig
This chiller can provide reduced energy consumption through the use of high-efficiency condensers that incorporate added heat transfer surface
This machine was last checked in 11-3-00 and here are those readings
J. Cond. Refrigerator temp 86.4
M. Chilled water temp out 44.2
This unit is currently hooked up inside a warehouse in Watonga, OK 73772-5026. The weight is an estimated 16,000 lbs not including the attached pipe.
If there are any further questions or if you are wishing to see this unit in person please contact Jon Stewart at (***)-627-3955

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