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Usg general panel mount gauge 164429 P844 2.5"100#1/8C

Connection: 1/8"NPT Center Back Connection
P844U: Drawn steel with studs, U-clamp and nuts; black corrosionresistant
paint, furnished with 2-piece U-clamp and nuts.
Ring and Window: Threaded, polycarbonate
Pressure ranges above 15 PSI up to and including 1000 PSI
are phosphor bronze, soft soldered. Vacuum, 15 PSI and ranges above 1000
PSI are beryllium copper, soft soldered up to and including 2000 PSI and
±3-2-3% of spanUtilizing either front flanged or Uclamp cases, these attractive panel mount gauges can be flush mounted on instrument panels, pressure
test stands, steam cleaners, sterilizers, and many other types of equipment. Where a minimum of space is available the 844 U-clamp series is more desirable. When it is desirable to mount the gauge from the front of panel, the 845 front flanged series may be specified. All models utilize a unique one piece plastic threaded ring and window which
can be removed, permitting in-panel pointer adjustment. Optional stainless steel bourdon tube and socket for use where the pressure medium is corrosive to copper alloys

Usg general panel mount gauge 164429 P844 2.5