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Bianchi 8100 patroltek web duty belt 28" - 34" md: 3132

Bianchi 8100 PatrolTek Web Duty Belt 28" - 34" Md: 3132
Tough nylon web construction. Tri-Release shatter-resistant, polymer buckle features for added security.
NOTE: Belts are 2” oversized to accommodate garrison belts. Specify exact waist size when ordering.
BIANCHI PATROLTEKAbout Bianchi PatrolTek ..........
Bianchi PatrolTek Duty Belts About Biacnhi PatrolTek...............
We're pleased to offer the new Bianchi PatrolTek brand of duty accessories - a line of products for the professional that provide significant cost savings over premium brands, yet also offer a considerable improvement over similarly priced products on the market.
With the current budget trends, law enforcement agencies and security companies often must make price an important part of their purchasing decisions. Bianchi has spent decades making top quality products and we don't believe making compromises in quality vs. price is something agencies should have to do. With PatrolTek you'll be hard pressed to find a better value anywhere.

Bianchi 8100 patroltek web duty belt 28