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New oil press diesel expeller veggie extruder biodiesel

New Oil Press!! Make your own diesel fuel, as biodiesel, or run straight "vegoil".
Yes, it is very real, and yes, it is very practical... weight, about 2200 pounds.
This press is an old-fashioned way to do the job; it uses an adjustable continuous screw design (20-30 RPM) to press oil from oil seeds such as Canola (rapeseed), sunflower, etc.
What is really nifty about this press is; it can use a diesel engine that ALSO runs on vegoil!!! (not included) ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO PUT THEM ON A BASE, ADD A BELT, AND RUN!
Another feature most folks appreciate is that this press is priced at about 10-20% of comparable presses!!
Will process around 18 Tons per day (24 hours) of oil seed, and oil yields will vary from 10-40%, depending on the seed, condition, etc. Gallons per day yield will be 500-2000/day.
Another wonderful feature is that by using cold press techniques, the moist seed cake that is left over becomes high-grade, high protein animal feed which is VERY expensive, and VERY hard to find!!! ($200/Ton?!)
My thoughts are that they are VERY simple, and very plain, and VERY functional. Running them to this point in time indicates this, also.
Take a look at the pics, and see if you think the same as I do. I personally guarantee these units, also. The pics are of 2 ton units.
Oil Seed Production. If we assume an end yield of 100 gallons/acre, such as available with canola (rape) seed, castor beans, and sunflower seed, and assume a 20% cold press oil yield, it follows that we will get 2 tons per acre of oil seed, and that 80% of that production will STILL BE AVAILABLE for animal feed as a moist cake AFTER processing. ACTUAL yields have been reported as high as 12,000 pounds per acre, and 45% yield, which equates to 800 gallons per acre!!! Below is a link to a very efficient operation in Eastern Oregon. Please see: http:// /index.php?page=8
Winter rapeseed and some others can be grown as a winter rotation crop in much of the US which allows the primary crop to be grown without interruption or problem.
Other sizes up to 300T/day available, and we stock 2, 6, 10, and 18 ton models. Please email me, ****@gmail.com for any questions.
Fair warning, we have a VERY limited supply...
15 NOV 2006-Farmers, I thought the mix used by Dan in Kansas sounded too good to be true, but was going to install a larger fuel tank in the 2005 GMC Duramax pickup, and thought I'd try it. He reported on a 16% sunflower oil, 4% gasoline, and 80% diesel mix. I used a 3% canola (expensive Costco oil!), PS diesel 911, PS Diesel Kleen,and a little PS Antigel along with the new yellow-green low-sulfur diesel (96%?). Filled the 100 gal crossbed tank, and as the main tank dropped, pumped a little in. Well,by yesterday had flushed most of diesel in the main tank out, and here are the #s I was getting: (reported by the DIC, verified with GPS, and vehicle computer internals also corrected with EFI Live, such as tire size, etc.) At 55, about 28 MPG, at 60 about 24 MPG, and at 65, about 22 MPG. That is with a vehicle that goes down the road at just under 8,000 pounds!! The best by far it has ever done. Yup, will verify the #s with the next fill up, but that will not be for a while yet, as it will be around 2,500 mles before i refill it. Will add more vegoil next tank, going to 10%, and use 2% pump gas (our winters are very mild), and the chemicals. Then will report. It is all very interesting!! So in conclusion, it looks like the vegetable oil DOES improve mileage, and we know it DOES really improve the lubricating qualities of the fuel.
17 September 2006 UPDATE- We have almost 200 of the units in the field now. Folks who use them for canola/rapeseed/mustard, and sunflower, all report very high yields, anywhere from 20% by weight to as much as 40%. We are told that flax, peanuts, and castor beans do well, also. We understand that the newest GMO sunflowers have up to 65% oil by weight!
If you navigate to , Russell there will has good tips on running a screw press, and these are a few things we have discovered: We in America are used to "pushing the pedal to the metal!" If you have trouble with pressing, SLOW THE SPEED DOWN! If you use an electric motor, you may need to cut the speed by as much as half. A diesel engine used to run a press will be able to easily be slowed down as necessary. An electric motor may have to have a controller installed. We even received one machine back with a small motor pulley on the press input shaft where the LARGE pulley was supposed to go.
Second, open the press screw feed handle to where 1 1/2 threads show at first. Then tighten in 1/8, or even 1/16 turn increments, and wait!! Let the machine do its work.
If you run old, dry oilseed, you may not be able to get anything from it! It greatly helps to water and heat the seed in this case, or even heat and oil it with other vegoil to start.
If you intend to use the vegoil for fuel in a diesel engine, plan on filtering; and the three golden rules for using alternative fuels in diesel engines are: heat and/or treat (chemically), and/or dilute. If you navigate to http://vegoilconversions.netfirms.com , Dana Linscott there has a great web site with most everything you need to get you up and running.
If you intend to use the press for soybeans or corn, which traditionally have VERY low oil yields, and do NOT use additional heat, hexane, etc, etc, you should plan on low oil returns. It is NOT practical to press soybeans in 10 or 20 below temperatures and expect significant amounts of oil!!! We strongly suggest you contact your local agricultural extension agent for help with planning oilseed crops, yields, etc. We now have soybean help!! If you send me an email, will send you Dan's phone number. He has high-quality presses with heat for soybeans.
Included at no extra charge with a 13 ton press is two 4' prefilters, which are mechanical, and can be used for about 30 GPH each of oil filtering to get rid of the large "chunks". The screen size is ten one thousandths, and this will allow a user to eliminate the large impurities in one pass. To clean, simply reverse the flow, and open the water/garbage drain at the bottom.
One last thing; we do not anticipate fuel prices going back to one dollar per gallon. As a result, we are busy, and frequently waiting for a new order of presses to arrive. We do offer reservations for no charge, and if you just let us know when, we are glad to reserve one for you. Our email address is above.
October 23, 2006-We have a (very) few unsold 2 ton units in stock, and a good supply of 6, 10, and 18 Ton units. If you want one, please email me,

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