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84" bradco dirt sifter,screening rock bucket,skidsteers

Brand New Bradco 7' Rock Bucket For Skid Steer or Tractor Front End Loaders with Universal Skidsteer Quick Attach.
This is a Severe Duty and Affordable Attachment for Rock or Debris Removal from Farm Land, Construction Sites or Commercial & Residential Landscape Sites, particulalry in comparison to the Larger, Stationary Sifters. Once the Dirt is Sifted Through, the Rock or other Material can easily be Dumped into a Truck or Trailer or other Container Eliminating the need for a Second Scoop of the Sifted Dirt! Plus, this Bucket is Much Easier to Handle than the Large, Stationary Sifters!
Plus, we are glad to say that These Buckets are MADE IN THE USA!