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Dynaquip ½" reduced port 2PC. ball valve series: VME1

* Pressure Rating (Delrin seats): 2000 psi CWP (non-shock) VME1.A0 1 1/4" - 2"
Delrin seats: -20° to 180° F
* Handle: Lever with vinyl grip standard
* Hexagon-shaped body for easy installation
* Corrosion-resistant phosphate coating
* Spring-loaded, adjustable stem packing
* Separate packing nut allows handle removal during valve service
* Reinforced PTFE seats reduce seat distortion
* Chrome-plated, mirror finished ball
* Body: Steel ASTM A108 C12L14 1/2" All Zinc Phosphate Coated
* Stem: Steel ASTM A108 C12L14, Nickel Plated
* Thrust Washer: Reinforced PTFE
* Stem Seal: Reinforced PTFE
* Follower: Stainless Steel, Type 304 1/2"
* Spring Washer: Steel, Zinc Plated 1/2"
* Pack Gland: Steel ASTM A108 C12L14, Zinc Plated 1/2"
* Handle: Steel, Zinc Plated, Vinyl Grip
* Ball: Carbon Steel ASTM A108 C12L14, Chrome Plated
* Seats: Reinforced PTFE, Delrin AF®, Nylon
* End Cap: Steel ASTM A108 C12L14, Zinc Phosphate Coated
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http:// /vme1.asp
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