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Valenite ve 101 programmable column gage gauge gaging

* This unit is in excellent physical as well as working condition and comes with a guarantee.
* Shows both Analog and Digital formats.
* Stores 10 individual programs consisting of Upper Reject, Upper Control, Lower Control, and Lower Reject limits with MIN, MAX, MAX DEV, and TIR capabilities.
* Takes input from 2 probes and function as a stand alone or side by side with several other columns.
* Measures either Metric or Inch.
* Manual shows pin outs for both serial and parallel outputs. BCD Output is Mitutoyo compatible protocol which enables the interfacing of this column to other electronic equipment. The connector for push button inputs is for remote operation.
* Measures 20.5” x 2.7" x 7” D.
* Accuracy 1% of full scale and .05% of full scale.
* Includes manual which provides information on Set-up, Physical Description of Components, Programming, Pre-calibration, Calibration, and gaging a part
* Includes 5 digit numeric LED display, 5 resume lamps, programmable scale, Electronic scale, inch/metric display, multiple part programs, auto electronic zero and gain, analog adjustable zero/gain/balanced, TIR, MIN/MAX capability, BCD output, Serial output and remote pushbutton control.
* The instruments 100 LED bar graph display on the front panel provides visual indication of the parts size in relation to its specific tolerance spread. The 5 digit numerical display indicates the deviation from the nominal size.
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