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3/16" acrylic -lucite - plexiglas - lexan drill bit

3/16" Acrylic-Lucite-Plexiglas- Lexan –Polycarbonate Drill Bit
No chipping * No cracking * No grabbing * No Melting
Using a wood or metal drill bit on acrylic / plexi / Lucite/ Plexiglas can crack or leave a chips around the drill hole in your sheet. The degree rake and sharpness of the tip of the drill bit do have a significance on what material you are drilling. Not having a sharp enough bit will chip the edges around the hole. Not having the right degree in the bit will cause the material to melt around the bit and clog it up. Instead of the debris getting pulled out of the hole like when you drill wood you get saw dust—with acrylic it will just melt and wind itself around the bit and get gummy.
This bit is produced in hardened steel, it has a 90-degree point, 0-degree rake, and straight 3/16” shank for a superior cutting quality in acrylic. Perfect for making a perfect hole every time!