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6.5 hp 3" us npt water\trash pump w\hoses

This is a great pump with many uses, but it is especially good for pumping an excavation location that has filled with water or that is below the water table. It is also great for pumping out a house after a flood or pumping out a basement before it can flood the rest of the house. Also can be used for irrigation or draining a pool or large body of water.
The engine is an Overhead Valve 4 cycle engine that is designed to be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Here are some of the features of the engine:
* 6.5 HP Overhead Valve engine
* Electronic Ignition for easy and dependable starting
* Low oil sensor to prevent damage to the engine
* Throttle and Choke levers for accurate adjustments
* Continuous operation on a tank of gas: 2.4 hours.
* Included spark plug wrench
Here are the specifications on the pump:
* 220 gallons \ minute pumping capacity
* Included strainer will allow about 3/8" trash through
* Also includes the hose connectors and clamps
50 ft Blue Discharge Output Hose Features:
Material is non-water absorbing, mildew-proof, able to resist oils and grease.
Lay flat hose for water and pumping services in the agricultural, construction and other
Hose rolls flat for easy storage.
Assembled with Male & Female short-shank galvanized steel couplings, securely
20 ft Green Suction Intake Hose Features:
Designed for pumping water and other fluids in
construction, and other applications.
Material retains good flexibility in cold weather, is
non-water absorbing, mildew-proof, able to resist
PVC hose is lightweight, rugged, flexible and
reinforced for heavy duty service.
couplings, securely fastened with
This is a really nice pump and engine. This unit has a nice cage around it with rubber feet to provide protection and stability.
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 6.5 hp 3