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12" w/30PCS pure orange leds flexible thin led strip

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12Inch. Flexible LED Strip - Orange Color
Dimension. : W10 x H10 x L300(mm)
Lens Q'ty : 30pcs Strawhat Led
• Runs on 12-Volt Systems like Solar Cell Charged Batteries,
12 Volt Battery or 120 Volt-to-12 Volt Power Pack Converter
• LEDs are Solid State, High Shock/Vibration Resistant
• LEDs Run on Low Power Consumption, High Intensity
• LEDs Produce Little to No Heat
• Long Life 100,000+ hrs (10+ Years)
• Major Reduction in Power Costs
300.jpg 300 picture by lawchunkwok
(Included) Each strip comes with 1 (one) Modules inter-connector & 2pcs Mounting Brackets
Modules Inter-connector( Length: 4.00in.)
Last an average of 100,000 hours (or about ten years).
Withstand shocks, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes that rapidly incapacitate fragile incandescent lamps
Are 10 to 50 times more energy-efficient, thus reducing your operating costs by up to 90%.
Available in a Variety Of Lengths And Colors
High Powered 1W / 3W / 5W LEDs