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New 14" round krueger steel perforated diffuser 6500

Brand New Krueger Model 6500- 14 Inch Round- Steel Perforated Diffuser
The 6500 series perforated diffusers use individually adjustbable blade pattern deflectors mounted on the backpan. This 6500 series is pre-selected 4-way blow pattern. Individually adjustable curved blades allow field adjustment of the air pattern. Infinite intermediate blade settings balance horizontal and vertical throw requirements. The 6500 series diffusers exhibit typical isothermal throws of 8' to 20' for 4-way air distribution making a great choice for irregular room shapes.
* Individually Adjustable Curved Blade Pattern Deflectors For Horizontal or Vertical Throw
* Variety of Air Discharge Patterns Available
* Removable Perforated Face and Cone for Easy Cleaning
* Standard Finish is British White
*Dampers are sold separately for price please email me.
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