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Wilton pivot 10" 4X7 heavy duty woodworking vise

10" 4x7" Pivot Jaw Wilton Heavy-Duty Woodworking Vise!
* Heavy-Duty Casting for Strength and Durability.
* Front Jaw Pivots 10 Degrees to Allow for Clamping Irregular Shaped Parts and Wood.
* Front Jaw Moves up to 9/16" to Act as a Full Length Dog.
* Pivot Jaw can be Removed for Wider Clamping Requirements.
* Continous Nut Action.
* Jaw Width = 4x7" inches.
* Wilton Tool Company is based in Palatine, IL -
Retail Price with Jaw Inserts= $299.99! Great Savings!
Check out the photos! if you have any other questions, give us a call or email. Our e-mail is ****@gmail.com or call Chris at (***)-515-8256. You can also post a question for further information. Thanks for looking!

Wilton pivot 10