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1/8" stainless steel welding rods -- no gas required

Use your Arc Welder to Weld Stainless Steel - or ANY other type of steel including spring steel! ZENA welding system mounted on a tractor
Weld stainless steel (or ANY other type of steel) anywhere you can arc weld without the need for a MIG or TIG torch, special shielding gas, hoses, regulators, or expensive and heavy gas bottles.
Suitable for welding ALL steels. This rod is the absolute ultimate computer engineered, high alloy electrode for welding every known grade of steel using every know stick electrode power source!
This is the first truly AC-DC mineral-coated high alloy rod that can be used by anyone regardless of prior welding experience. The key is an arc so ionized that you cannot short it out!
These Stainless Steel welding rods let you weld with a high quality high tensile strength (116,000 lb.) stainless type 312 alloy, with superior elongation characteristics, using only your arc welder!
You can also use these super easy to use special function rods for:
* welding dissimilar metals - including spring steel, OR
* for increasing corrosion resistance, OR
* to produce exceptionally strong, low distortion welds at low welding temperatures.
High chromium, nickel alloy for use with AC or DC reverse polarity in all positions. Designed to produce weld deposits of exceptional strength - tensile strength 116,000 PSI (almost twice that of average rod). Excellent resistance to corrosion, most chemicals, fertilizers, sulfur, and salts. This alloy maintains its strength and corrosion resistance at high and low temperatures. A balanced metallurgical structure produces high crack resistance under the toughest welding conditions and service applications. This material has good wear resistance, overlays take a high polish and it is one of the best materials for welding dissimilar metals - including spring steel. It welds as very low amperages, reducing distortion, base metal dilution and its low heat input keeps thermal stresses in welded joints at a minimum.
* Ultra strength welds with all types of steels
* Horizontal fillet welds in all grades of construction steels
* Welding every know grade of tool steel including prehardened types
* Joining abrasion resistant steels, Hadfield and other austenitic manganese steels
* Joining heat and corrosion resisting steels
* Mending specialized iron-base castings with high carbon contents
* Repairing and fabricating tools and dies of all types
Recommended Welding Techniques:
Clean weld area - removing any loosely adhering metal and wire brush away oxides, dirt, and any other contaminating substances. It IS NOT necessary to grind flame cut edges.
Preheat is not necessary. Electrode lead angle is not critical. A close to medium arc should be maintained. Use any technique from stringer bead to wide weave. Upon cooling, self releasing slag can easily be removed by brushing.
ZENA™ is a trademark owned by ZENA, Inc. for its welding systems and related products.
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NOTE: These rods will work with engine driven welders made by Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, Century, Esab, HTP, Mitsubishi, Thermal Arc, and other companies. When comparing rod specifications, you will find that they function well with ZENA 150A and 200A welders which are comparable to, and will do the same job as, for example, a Miller 225 Bobcat welder, a Hobart 250A welder, a Century 200A welder, or a Lincoln Ranger 8 welder. Of course, 160A, 175A, 180A, 275A, or even 300A, or 400A welders would be also in the same category. MIG and TIG torches made by companies like Tweco and Forney are also compatible with this technology.
NOTE2: In addition to service trucks (particularly popular are Ford Chevrolet and Dodge Diesels) and all types of 4x4's (including Jeep, International, and Toyota), these rods can also be used with all types of heavy equipment, including backhoes, front end loaders, track loaders, forklifts, and tractors as well as all types of utility vehicle.