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24" gravity conveyor roller sections used warehouse

24" Gravity Conveyor Roller Sections
Like New - for Warehouse / Retail
* Rollers are 1 1/2" diameter;
* Spacing of rollers is 3" on center;
* 40 rollers per 10-foot section;
* Roller and frame are silvertone color.
We also have the following accessories available:
* Walk-through gates @ $125. each;
* 45-degree bends @ $89. each (measure approx. 5-ft long) * Two needed to make 90-degree turn;
* Adjustable height roller stands @ $15. each;
* Please let us know when you order if you will be needing any of these items.
starting price of just $ 1,080.
that's just $108. per 10-foot section!!!
* Prices for motor freight deliveries are estimates. We cannot guarantee motor freight delivery to all areas and delivery locations. If we cannot arrange delivery, we will refund purchase price at your request.

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