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Chain choker sling 8' 1" l, 3/8" chain 2 teardrop rings

This is a Teledyne McKay 6600 lb capacity, Choker Chain Sling that is 8' 1" long. It has a .610" thick teardrop shape rings on each end. Both Rings can be put on the same lifting hook (like a basket lift) or you can put one ring inside the other and "choke" the part. This sling has a tag number WLL AT 80, Serial Number 732073. Made of Alloy 3/8" Chain. Made in the USA. We have 2 identical slings like this. Pricing is for each. This is an Actual Photo!
We closed our 10 Ton Overhead Crane Warehouse years ago and have finally decided to sell our slings, eyebolts, shackles, spreader bar, straps, sheet lifting equipment, etc. Some of the equipment is still new. Almost all of it was made in the USA. Please visit our store to see what else we have. We have just starting listing this equipment! Most has not been listed yet in our store. Contact us if you need something you did not see, we probably have it.

Chain choker sling 8' 1