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Esco 10302 ram, hydraulic, 10 ton - 4 1/8" stroke

ESCO, Esco, esco, esc 10302 Ram, Hydraulic, 10 Ton - 4 1/8" Stroke
Used to push off rear rim flange and tire bead breaker on earth mover wheels. A "must" for all earth mover tire trucks. Perfect for construction, heavy rigging and moving.
All ESCO products are warranted against manufacturers' defects for 90 days unless otherwise noted.
Our factory repair service is equipped with all the tools and machinery needed to repair our equipment quickly and affordably. Our trained technicians are the best in the industry. Not only do we service our own products, but we also service our competitors' products.
If you have a bead breaker, ram or hydraulic pump needing repair, ESCO will fix that product with factory parts and guarantee the repair. In addition to servicing ESCO brand products, we also repair IMT, Elrick, Branick, Goodyear, FEC and Haltec lines of bead breakers, rams and hydraulic pumps.
To take advantage of our 1-day-turnaround repair service, simply e-mail our repair department, fill out the online request form or call us at 1-(***)-352-9852. ****@esco.net

Esco 10302 ram, hydraulic, 10 ton - 4 1/8