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Magnet strong rare earth surplus magnets 35 lb.

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Satisfaction guaranteed or your purchase preice will be cordailly refunded upon return of merchandise.
Many bikers tell me that some of the electronically actuated stop lights will not change to green for a motorcycle, because there is not enough bulk.
Some of them tell me that you can install a couple of these magnets on your motorcycle and it will actuate the stop light as it will for a large car.
Many bikers would not want to drill holes to mount these magnets. One of them suggested using double sided tape to mount these magnets to their motorcycles.
If you have tried magnets for this reason, tell me if it worked for you.
If you put one of these magnets on a solid piece of iron, it will pick up 35 lbs.
I have been selling these magnets for a fishing magnet for about 4 years. We call it a fishing magnet, because you can attach a cable to it and drag it behind your boat. May not catch a whole mess of bass, but you are liable to find a gun, a knife, or no telling how many fishing lures.
Do not try to drill the magnet or cut it. It would probably break. It is hard and brittle.
This magnet has some holes in the backing plate.
I sometimes work on tools or equipment in the backyard, and if I drop a small part in the grass as often happens, it is almost impossible to find it, but you can drag your magnet around the area and you will invariably find your small part.
Some of the scrap yards put these magnets on their conveyors to separate the ferrous metals from the non-ferrous metals. Saves a lot of time and energy.
If you hang some of these magnets on the front of your lawnmower, you will find most of the nails, screws, pieces of wire or other iron that has been thrown or dropped into your yard.
If you roof your house or you have someone roof your house, there will be rusty nails, and probably some shiny new ones also, dropped in your yard.
When you mow, one of those nails can knock a car windshield out, or may imbed a nail into your leg or some kid's eye.
Magnets hanging on the front of your mower may solve that problem.
I use magnets in my shop. I put one on my drill press, so I can just pitch my chuck key in the general direction of the magnet and it will be there the next time I need it.
I also put some drill bits that I frequently use on this same magnet. That way they are always in sight and easy reach. I do not have to go digging and hunting for a drill bit.
If I lay my chuck key on my workbench, I probably will not find it this month. Since it is always hanging on the magnet on top of my drill press, I never have to wonder where it is.
I do the same with the chuck key to my lathe. It is a fairly large chuck key, but I put a magnet on the lathe and my chuck key is always on the magnet, always handily in sight and easy reach.
I put magnets on some of the rafters and studs in my shop and I hang special tools on them.
Many chuck keys and tools will not hang on a hook. Open end wrenches do not readily hang on a hook or a nail, but they will always hang on a magnet.
Allen wrenches will not hang on a hook. You usually just throw them in a box or a drawer. If you hung them from a magnet, they would always be in sight and easy reach.
Most ratchet wrenches do not readily hang on a nail, but this magnet will hold up a good size ratchet wrench.
I was rolling my power plant thru the grass to the back yard the other day and the wheel fell off. The little "C" retainer that holds the wheel on had come loose and fallen into the grass. There was no way to see the little bitty part, but I got a magnet and quickly retrieved the part. The part may not have cost but 50 cents, but it would have meant a trip thru heavy traffic to the hardware store and back.
This is a surplus magnet, but you can hardly tell it has been used, if I had not told you so.
These magnets are 7/8" X 2 1/4".
One of these magnets will pick up 35 lbs.
Even on dry land, but much more in water.
while some are still available. I doubt if there will be anymore like this once these are gone.
Texas residents, please add 8 1/4% state sales tax.

Magnet strong rare earth surplus magnets 35 lb. Magnet strong rare earth surplus magnets 35 lb.