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Marsh 2.5" 300# 1/4CBM u-clamp all ss gly filled J7458P

Gauge shown in picture is stock photo from Marsh website - different range from what I'm selling here.
Marsh Instruments Liquid-Filled Gauges are designed to perform in rugged applications and harsh environmental conditions - especially where pulsation and vibration are a problem. Liquid-Filled Gauges offer a significant cushioning and dampening effect, reducing pointer flutter and internal gauge damage; also lubricating the internals, and reducing corrosion.
All stainless steel Liquid-Filled Gauges feature a ventable top fill plug for pressure relief and ease of venting after installation. The hermetically sealed construction reduces the chance of leaks, and makes field filling an easy option.
Typical applications include refineries, chemical plants, offshore platforms, oil rigs, marine applications, general industrial application and OEM processes.

Marsh 2.5