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Thread gauge/gage/plug/vise go/nogo 0-80 THRU1/2" 24-pc

NO RESERVE (these are the best of what I have left)
Majority all have dipped protective coating, I only see USA made conponents, conditions are from new assembled to used handles with new gage pins and or recaliburated, sizes are one each of the following:
* 0-80 UNF 2B, 1-64 NC 2B, 1-72 UNF 2B, 2-64 NF 2B & 3B, 3-48 NC 2B, 3-56 NF 2B, 4-40 NC 2B,
* 6-32 NC 2B, 8-32 NC 2B & 3B, 10-32 NF 2B & 3B, 10-24 NC 2B,
* 12-28 NF 2B, 1/4-20 NC 2B, 1/4-28 NF 2B & 3B, 5/16-24 NF 2B,
* 3/8-24 NF 2B & 3B, 3/8-32 NEF 2B, 1/2-13 NC 2B, 1/2-20 NF 2B,
All sizes with indicating 2B & 3B are two seperate gauges!
These are national standard gages, consult your machinist hand book for standards, compare to $55 to $70 each. These are excellent condition, and would be a nice addition to any machine shop, watch maker or gunsmith.
May be soiled/dings from storage....
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Thread gauge/gage/plug/vise go/nogo 0-80 THRU1/2