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Current probe and digital multimeter with free fuse bud

Manufacturer: Electronic Specialties
* 35 Test Ranges, 10 Test Functions
* Auto-Ranging with Auto Power-Off and Data Hold function
* Low resolution of 10 milliamps can read most battery drains
* Unit measures as low as 10 milliamps and as high as 200 Amps - DC/AC
* Full function digital multimeter built-in makes this unit applicable to a wide range of electrical testing
From now through Feb. 28th, 2008, ESI685 comes with Free Fuse Buddy Current Loops. These new Current Loops make circuit amperage readings a snap. The ESI685 is a great tool for all purpose electrical testing. This unit measures DC/AC current from 0-200 Amps and includes full function digital multimeter built-in. Features include one touch DC Zero function, DC/AC amps - DC/AC volts, capacitance - diode test, and audible continuity beep. Applications include: fuel injection systems, fuel pumps, charging systems, electric motors and most parasitic drains. Use the frequency readings to test crankshaft and camshaft sensors, for example. The ESI685 comes equipped with test leads, protective holster, instructions, 9V battery and zippered storage case.