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Welding secrets book - mig/tig/oxy/arc machine welder

No Other Book Will Prevent More Accidents
From: Bill Anderson Thursday 11:39 AM
Lack of knowledge is no defense in a court of law. Surely you have read about the law suits caused by the breast implants and asbestos. Research has proven that a weld in the wrong place will cause a break. Not in the weld, but adjoining the weld. Breaks cause accidents which kill people. If you weld something and it breaks and causes injury or damage... you can be SUED. You could lose everything you own. Learn about the places that should NOT be welded. Order your copy of "Welding Secrets" NOW!
"For years I've been trying to think of a way to warn the public of a hazard that threatens their lives. The deaths of ten people in Chicago, caused by a faulty weld, has prompted me to write. We have heard of trailers breaking loose from cars, catwalks falling, construction accidents, bridges falling, and airplane crashes. Has anyone ever thought that perhaps the welders did not know where NOT to weld? Do the inspectors and engineers know where not to weld? I am 80 years old, a grammar school drop-out, and have been welding since 1936. If I had been educated I probably would have turned up my nose at welding. Have you ever known a college graduate taking a job as a welder? In my opinion, welding has been grossly neglected by the educators."
Spend 1 Hour Reading "Welding Secrets" and You Will Learn:
• How to flatten a warped steel frame
• How to remove a bad bearing race from a hole
• How to burn a lap weld and save both pieces
• How to temper a chisel - properly!
• How to repair a crack in a pipe or tubing
• How to burn a nut off a bolt and save the threads
• How to remove a stuck sleeve from a hole
• How to burn through a large steel shaft
• How to make a smooth cut with a cutting torch
• How to build up a worn shaft and prevent it from breaking off at the end of the welds
• How to shrink a nut or expand a nut
• How to weld thick and thin metals together
• How to weld overhead & vertically
• Why you NEVER weld crosswise on a stress member
• How to shrink a steel pulley
• How to reinforce the inside of tubing
• How to flatten a bulged circle
• How to remove a broken off bolt
• How to remove a broken off tap
• Thermal conductivity & thermal expansion of metals
• Cast iron welded with nickel electrodes
• Importance of... direction of travel and back-stepping
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I received the welding book and I am really impressed with the
information in it. I also like the "down to earth" way the book is
written in. I especially liked the section on not welding the ends
and on relieving stress in welded parts. I have taught high school
classes for 22 years, and I commend you on your lifetime of welding,
and your willingness to share your secrets! Thank you very much and
I wish you the very best in your retirement.
I've got to tell you that I carried your ad around in my pocket
for over a week trying to decide if I should spring for the $29 -
Well, I'm certainly glad I did - I'm an amateur blacksmith and play
around with iron a lot. But some of the info in your book will not
be found in any other - I know I read a lot.
I made some copies of the ad you sent (Hope that's OK!) and I'm
going to spread them around - maybe I can help you sell a few.
Experience is the very best teacher and you've shared tricks that
others would keep to themselves.
I am enclosing a check for a copy of Welding Secrets for my son. Your
book arrived yesterday and what a wealth of knowledge it contained!
I'm so glad you put it in print so your expertise can be passed on.
I very much enjoyed our telephone conversation. Best of God's blessings
Excellent book for beginners and certified welders. Many interesting
ideas that the average person does not know. I will make it standing
reference material for all new personnel.
I have read your book cover to cover and I love it that someone of
this massive knowledge and talent has placed his/her ideas down on
paper and shared them with others. Would you please send me two more
Hal Wilson, Author - I had a truck driver who had a trailer frame welded in Canfield, OH. He drove to Knoxville and it was broken when he arrived there. When he arrived in Chattanooga, it was broken again. Both welders had welded the ends of the reinforcements. Both breaks were adjoining the end welds. The reinforcements were removed and replaced with a longer one. The ends were NOT welded. It did not break again. I have seen hundreds of reinforcements welded on the ends, with a crack adjoining the weld. I would guess that only about 10% of the welders do not weld the ends of a reinforcement.
Read about how Hal's teacher, "Big John" welded truck & tractor frames 40 years ago. Big John said, "I have welded hundreds of them like that and I have never had one come back on me yet." All of his techniques can still be used on today's modern machinery. His techniques are all in "Welding Secrets".
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+ Very informative and easy to understand, well worth the money, great seller!
+ Wonderful book on power. I am learning lots. Recieved quickly. A+++
+ Quick response, intersting item, thank you.
+ Thanks! Informative and well-written booklet!
+ Very prompt and honest. Was exactly as stated. I recommend this seller.
+ Good communication, fast delivery, excellent product, pleasure to deal with.
+ Very positive experience. :) Delivered on time! You're "alright" Bill ****
+ great seller. No problems here. A++++
+ Deal and delivery both great.
+ Fast delivery. Enjoyed doing business with you.
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