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Hts-amptek duo heat tape asr-052 416W 240V 1/2" x 16'

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Duo-Tape Silicone Extruded Heating Tape
ASR style heating tapes may be
operated to 400oF, with de-energized
Duo-Tape® laboratory style silicone
extruded heating tapes are offered in
Unlike other straight element tapes,
HTS/Amptek® tapes are knitted into sine
wave configurations. The element is
cushioned and supported by knitted warp
fabric as it expands evenly in all directions
Knitting puts more element length into
a given area, providing longer life
through better distribution of heat.
(lower watts per inch of wire)
Knitting yields ultimate flexibility.
All HTS/Amptek® tape elements are
bundled fine strand resistance wire, 36 to
40 gauge, covered with a minimum of two
layers of braided AMOXTM yarn.
The heavy silicone extruded outer cover
provides abrasion and dielectric protection
for the element. Duo-Tapes® may be
used on conductive surfaces, and in
applications where moisture, chemical
and abrasion resistance is required.
18 AWG high temperature, multiple
stranded, 600 volt silicone rubber insulated
leads on the same end with molded
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Hts-amptek duo heat tape asr-052 416W 240V 1/2