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10PC carbide mini drillbit set 1/8" shank #79 (0.0145")

Hi, and thanks for stopping in for a look.
10 Pc Miniature Drill Bit Set with case
Their quality and precision is excellent, as these are top of the line brand name bits.
These were originally intended for high precision industrial CNC-CAM equipment for drilling printed circuit boards (PCB). They are also useful in a hand-held pin vise, in a Dremel, Foredom, or other brand of motor tool or drill press, or for any sort of machine shop. Jewellers, model railroad enthusiasts, model car builders, watchmakers and others working with miniatures will all find these mini sized bits to be very useful. They can drill plastics, most metals, woods, and untempered glass. They are extremely hard.
Although these bits may appear to be as brand new, they have been resharpened. Usability is still excellent. Box condition is excellent, and will provide safe storage for these fragile bits.
Distributor pricing to the CNC factories for new is typically $2.00-$9.00 per bit depending on type and size.
More (plus other sizes) are available in my store for immediate purchase.
That means no returns....I have described these to the best of my ability.
If you need to know anything more about them, contact me using the 'Ask seller a question' link above, but please don't wait until the last minute...I have a day job and sometimes work late.
No checks of any kind, please, as I've received several that my bank has been unable to accept.
(email postal code for quote; varies from $8.75 to ~$17.00 depending on your location)
Please note: Canada Post does not insure against damage in transit, only for lost packages.
I cannot be responsible for any items after they leave my possession if they are un-insured.

10PC carbide mini drillbit set 1/8