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New 67" cnc mill-vmc, willis bergonzi stratos

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67" NEW CNC MILL-VMC, Willis Bergonzi Stratos
67" NEW CNC MILL-VMC, Willis Bergonzi Stratos
New Willis Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center
X, Y and Z travels: 67" x 79" x 18"
Willis Bergonzi multi-purpose bridge type VMC. Machine
includes a 20hp AC servo spindle motor, 2-speed gearbox
with automatic gear shifting (Stratos Series) providing
maximum spindle torque from 40 - 3000 RPM, AC axis
motors and drives, CAT 40 taper spindle, 90 PSI flood
coolant equipment with multiple adjustable coolant outlets,
pneumatic head counterbalance, steel telescopic guide ways
of bed, bellows protection of arm, guide ways & screws, and
a full splashguard enclosure with removable chip container.
Halogen lighting, 10 retention knobs, leveling screws and
shims, spare fuses, maintenance tools, technical literature
and PLC on a floppy disk are all standard equipment.
Numberous control options including Heidenhain, Selca, and
15 HP (100% duty) CAT40 spindle
Box ways with Turcite in all axes
2 speed gearbox for max torque
- high pressure coolant system, 200 PSI
- high pressure coolant thru the spindle, 200 PSI
- 5,000 RPM spindle for Stratos Models with oil cooler
- Chip removal system (paddle type) S30
- double screw type chip conveyor
- Extra pull studs (10 pieces are standard)
- 300mm increase distance spindle - table
- High speed spindle "Faemat", 18,000 RPM, 23 hp
Machine Location: HARRISON, NJ
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