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Steel stamp custom logo marking punch 3/8"X3/4"X3" E6H

"EverStamp Marking Devices Since 1898"
Mark Just About Anything You Own, With One Blow Of A Hammer!
Stamp your name (and or) logo permanently in Metal - Wood - Plastic - Leather - Etc...
This is an opportunity for you to be creative and have your own custom, personalized steel logo marking stamp, manufactured by Henry A. Evers Corp. EverStamp. This stamp to be of any creative design, symbol, (and or) personal text with your custom layout, with a maximum printing area of .300" X .700" If you have a very simple basic logo, make a best offer for price. Example: Your 2 initials combined to create a simple logo.
When purchasing, just send an e-mail of your logo (and or) text layout, along with overall desired impression size. Your logo can be a simple rough sketch, sent as jpeg or bitmap image file. Once received, your logo will be artistically drawn, and digitized for free, before being e-mailed back to you, for your final approval and order confirmation.
Within 2-3 weeks, you will recieve one of the finest steel stamping tools available, hardened and tempered to about 60 rockwell. This stamp to be 3/8" X 3/4" X 3" long, designed to fit Evers E6H Stamp Holder or be hand held and hammer struck. Made to last for thousands of impressions! E6H Stamp Holders sold seperatly.
> Any creative design, symbol, or personal text with custom layout to fit within .300" X .700"
> Logo (and or) characters reading left, so impression will read right.
> Steel Shank to be .375"X.750"X 3" long. (H-Series)
> All Everstamps are made from O-1 tool steel, Hardened and Tempered to aprox. 60rc
> Guaranteed against defects in manufacturing.
> Not intended to stamp hardened steel.
> No refunds available after final order confirmation and stamp being cut.
> Listing picture does not show actual stamp.
Once upon a time there was a gifted craftsman who made the most incredible products anyone had ever seen or used. Word increased about how amazing his products worked, yet sales did not increase. People looked, but simply could not find or identify his products. Why? Because his products were not marked! The moral of this story is;
"If it is worth making, Then it is worth marking"
Mark all your products forever with an EverStamp!
EverStamp Has Been Delivering Superior Performance For Over 100 Years!

Steel stamp custom logo marking punch 3/8