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Xantrex\sorensen xfr 100-28 dc power supply XFR100-28

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The XFR Series incorporates our most advanced technology and design philosophy. The XFR Series uses zero voltage switch which results in increased efficiency and lower noise. This latest development in power conversion technology has only recently been implemented by manufacturers of fixed output power supplies. The XFR series caters to the application needs of computer controlled component burn-in, electroplating, process control, magnet control, and other high powered requirements. It is a 19" rack mountable power supply in a 3.50" (2U) frame.
This unit has the following specifications:
* Voltage (0.05% of V max. + 2mV): 52mV
* Current (0.05% of I max. + 2mA): 16mA
* Voltage (0.075% of V max. + 5mV): 80mV
* Current (0.075% of I max. + 5mA): 26mA
* Voltage (1% of V max. + 1 count ): 1.1V
* Current (1% of I max. + 1 count): 0.38A
* Voltage (0.05% of V max.): 50mV
* Current (0.05% of I max.): 14mA
* V (0.02% of V max./Celsius): 20mV
* I (0.03% of I max./Celsius): 8.4mA
* OVP Adjustment Range (5% to 10% of V max.): 5-11V
This item is in excellent condition, working perfectly, and comes with a 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA.
Our 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA (Dead On Arrival) does not guarantee compatibility.
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