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26" one-line indoor led message center sign

LED signs and content feeds broadcast worldwide through wireless technology!
26" Classic Tickercom LED Sign
Tickercom Classic LED Electronic Message Centers are extremely effective tools for displaying information to a crowd. The Classic offers high technology in an affordable package that combines the power efficiency of LEDs and low maintenance costs, while allowing your message to be seen from almost any angle.
They are easy to install and operate, and can stand alone as a single electronic display or network an enterprise-wide system of message centers. Based on modular construction, they allow for a variety of lengths. Tickercom's easy to use LED signs are Plug 'n' Play, meaning they are ready to go the moment you open the box.
Tickercom Classic LED sign is a powerful way to boost your sales. Program the sign to share details about current specials and upcoming events, or to highlight the benefits of your product or services.
housing dimensions: 26.125" x 3.813" x 1.500"
display dimensions: 2.1" x 24"
Maximum Characters Displayed: 13
36 messages can be stored and displayed, each up to 500 characters long.
Display memory of up to18, 000 characters.
7 fonts, each with regular, bold and wide mode; 66 other European characters.
25 methods of displaying your message (Cyclic, Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Open to Center, Open from Right, Open from left, etc).
Hardware included to accommodate wall, desk, or ceiling mounting.
LED lamps remain bright for over 100,000 hours.
Wireless software interface via bluetooth technology.
Up to 128 units can network via RS232 communication.
Be Sure to Ask about Tickercom Content
Add up to six of your own messages to any feed through custom messaging on our Web site, or mix-and-match almost any feed for a unique end product.
With several data feeds to currently choose from, create one that works for you!
Sports - Sporting news, live score and odds for all major leagues and events.
News - Breaking national and global news updated live, seven days a week.
Entertainment - Hollywood headlines, gossip, trivia and more.
Financial News - Market numbers, stocks, and Wall Street stories.
Stock Indices - Customizable numbers from the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and more.
Weather - Short and long-term forecasts tailored to your local area.
Custom - Create a fully customized feed with news that's important to you.
Tickercom's wireless network provides coverage in 90 percent of North America and in 220 countries around the world. It's versatile and reliable wherever you need it
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