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Gemtor safety rope energy absorbing lanyard 18"

Just one of inkFrog's Creations
*Locking snaphook at one end, D-ring at other end. 18" long
*Email for international rates
Gemtor, Inc. recommends that an energy/shock absorber be used whenever the possibility of a free fall exists to assure that forces are below the OSHA limits. Energy absorbers can increase fall arrest distance by up to 42". Make sure the available fall space permits the use of an energy absorber.
Soft-Pack Series These compact, lightweight and durable energy absorbers are designed to reduce the possibility of serious injury by reducing the arresting force on a worker to less than 900 lbs. The clear protective covering provides for fast, easy visual inspection. Model # 3155 locking snaphooks are standard on all Soft-Pack energy absorbers and help reduce the possibility of accidental disengagement. Other snaphooks and connectors are available. Meets OSHA, ANSI standards. CSA Z259.1 approved models available.

Gemtor safety rope energy absorbing lanyard 18