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Micron 600III-4W-10 24" grind wheel centerless grinder

Liberty Machinery Company You are looking at a Micron,No. 600III-4W-10, 24" Grind Wheel, 12" Reg Wheel, 30HP, Servo, CNC Dress, Fanuc Serial No. 4017Condition - UsedNew - 1995 CATALOG SPECIFICATIONS:Grinding Wheel Diameter (O.D.) - Maximum 24.016" (610 mm)
Grinding Wheel Width 15.945" (405 mm)
Grinding Wheel Hole (I.D.) 12.000" +.016", +.004" (304.8 mm)
Regulating Wheel Diameter (O.D.) - Maximum 12.992" (330 mm)
Regulating Wheel Width 15.945" (405 mm)
Regulating Wheel Hole (I.D.) 8.000" +.008", +.004" (203.2 mm)
Grinding Wheel Speed 40m/Second @ 1252 RPM
Regulating Wheel Speed - Variable 20 - 200 RPM
Grinding Wheel Motor 30 HP (22 kW)
Peripheral Grinding Wheel Speed - Maximum 2700m/Minute @ 1252 RPM
Regulating Wheel Motor 3.0 HP (2.2 kW) (AC Spindle Motor)
Regulating Wheel Lower Slide Motor .04 kW (Servomotor)
Grinding Wheel Dresser Infeed Slide Motor 0.1 kW (Servomotor)
Feed Angle - Tilting Angle +5 Deg. to -1 Deg. (Vert. Swivel)
Horizontal Swivel Angle +/- 0.5 Deg.
Approximate Floor Area for Installation 181"L x 173"W x 94"H
Approximate Main Body Weight 15,435 Lbs. (7000 kg) EQUIPPED WITH:Fanuc Powermate CNC Controller
Automatic Grinding Wheel Dresser Utilizing Servo Motor (or Manual)
Regulating Wheel Dresser Utilizing Hydraulic Flow Control Knob and Template
Coolant Filtration System with Bunri Magnetic/Paper Separator
Oil Matic, Automatic Oil Temperature Regulator System
Jib Set-Up for Wheel Change Over GENERAL CONSTRUCTION:
The Grinding Wheel Spindle Bearing Unit and the Regulating Wheel Spindle
Bearing Unit are designed as a complete twin-grip type to furnish extremely
Both the Grinding and the Regulating Wheel Spindles are supported by the High-
Precision Double-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing at their both ends, while the
thrust by the High-Precision Angular-Contact Ball Bearing. The Grinding Wheel
Spindle and the Pulley Spindle are connected by the highly accurate Spline Coupling.
Drive Train for Grinding Wheel
The Grinding Wheel Spindle is driven by a 22kW/30 HP Motor.
Drive Train for Regulating Wheel
The Regulating Wheel is driven by the AC Spindle Motor and the CNC System.
The Regulated Wheel Spindle is driven through a High-Precision Worm Gear.
Grinding Wheel / Dressing Unit
An Automatic Dressing Functionality is available for the Grinding Wheel,
utilizing the sevormotor attached to the Dresser Inching Screw and the
Traverse Feed Hydraulic System.
Regulating Wheel Truing / Dressing Unit
The Truing/Dressing Unit for the Regulating Wheel consists of the Cross-Slide,
the Dresser Inching Screw, the Traverse Feed System and the Template Tracing
System. The traverse feed-rate for Regulating Wheel Truing/Dressing Equipment
can be adjusted by the Hydraulic Flow Control Knob.
The slide is regulated by the Quenched & Ground High-Precision Traezoidal Feed
Screw with a stepping-motor utilizing the Harmonic Reducion Gear System to
carry out the required inching. The Lower Slide will be moved to carry out
the inching to automatically compensate the Grinding Wheel's wear according to
the preset value on the counters and the preset data programmed in the Fanuc

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