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Panasonic wv-BP334 camera, 1/3" ccd b/w dsp, 570 tvl

. Security Surveillance and Broadcast
Panasonic WV-BP334 Camera, 1/3" CCD B/W DSP, 570 TVL, 0.06 Lux at f/1.2, L
Panasonic presents advanced CCTV technology to meet the demand of new and ever-changing applications. The 1/3" CCD Digital Signal Processing Black and White WV-BP330 Series Cameras deliver outstanding high-quality pictures as well as versatile digital functions and system integration capability.
The WV-BP330 Series cameras incorporate a 1/3" interline transfer type CCD (380,000 pixels: effective) and achieve high sensitivity of 0.008 fc (0.08 lux) at F1.4, outstanding 570-line horizontal resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of 50dB.
With its advanced performance and expanded flexibility, the WV-BP330 series camera meet you specific needs with an affordable cost/performance ratio.
1/3" CCD pick-up element with 768(H) x 492(V) pixels provides a high 570 lines of horizontal resolution.
A vertical digital 2H enhancement improves signal strength at the horizontal and vertical edges to provide a crisper image.
Knee circuit effectively expands the dynamic range when viewing brightly illuminated objects.
Outstanding 50 dB signal-to-noise ratio.
Minimum scene illumination of 0.008 fx (0.08 lx) at F1.4
An advanced Electronic Light Control (ELC) enables the use of inexpensive fixed iris lenses for cost effective systems.
Gen-lock capability for system expandability, and other synchronization modes (Line-Lock, VD2, Internal).
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Panasonic wv-BP334 camera, 1/3