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Hp 5345A / 012 gpib w/ 5355A converter 5356A 18GHZ head

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HP 5345A with Option 12 GPIB, 5355A Convertor, and 5356A 18 GHz Head
2 channels, 50 µHz to 500 MHz Frequency Range, Microwave to 18 GHz
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Description: The 5345A is still a great performer for any lab. The 5345A will perform frequency, period, multiple period average, time interval, time interval average, totalize, ratio and electronically controlled totalize measurements. Sensitivity is 20 mV RMS sine wave and 60 mV peak-to-peak pulse at x1. At x10 it is 250 mV RMS sine wave and 750 mV peak-to peak pulse. Resolution for frequency and period measurements is 2 nsec. Time base is 10MHz with stability of <5x10E-10 per day. Display is 11-digit LED plus sign and annunciator to display ksec to nsec, µHz to GHz. Sample rate continuously variable from <0.1 sec to >5 sec with hold position that maintains reading until reset. GPIB interface for automated testing.
Option 12 provides GPIB control, including input slope and level.
Included is the 5355A Automatic Frequency Converter with a 5356A 18 GHz head.
Condition: Will be Reconditioned and Performance Tested to meet manufacturers specifications. This unit operates correctly on BOTH channels, which is rarer than you might think. Clean unit inside and out. Physically inspected, hardware re-torqued, connectors treated with a preservative, controls and switches lubricated as appropriate, power supply electrolytics tested. Burned in for 72 hours and then performance tested. All knobs and switches are in good condition.
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