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Magnet strong 2 7/8" oil filter surplus magnets 1 lot

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Filters on automobiles do not filter out all of the iron that is worn off the inside of your engine.
You could get 1000's of miles more out of your engine if the minute particles of iron that have been worn off could be removed from your oil.
Also to be used on tractors, bulldozers, backhoes, large compressors, cranes, boats, electric generating plants, welders, and all types of gasoline or diesel engines that have oil filters.
If the filter is so fine that it could remove all of the debris that is worn off your engine, the oil would not be able to get thru your oil filter.
A magnet will catch even the smallest iron that is worn off the inside of your engine.
The magnet will catch the iron debris and not let it just keep circling back thru your engine to act as an added abrasive to put more wear on your engine.
This magnet is government surplus.
If you are looking for a magnet to enter into a beauty contest, this one will probably not even come in as a runner up. If you want a magnet for brute strength, you will like this magnet.
These magnets are so strong that I have to put something in between them that is non-magnetic because they are too hard to get apart when they get stuck together.
Magnet is 2 7/8" X approximately 3/8" thick.
This big magnet almost covers the complete bottom of the WIX filter.
The magnet will not lose it's strength and it will not wear out.
When you change oil, remove the magnet from the old filter and place it on the new filter.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your purchase price will be cordially refunded upon return of merchandise.

Magnet strong 2 7/8