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Rotocon hose clamps,size 36-p (1.28 to 1.40" diameter)

These clamps are quality. They are not cheap plastic clips that will get brittle and disintegrate in a matter of weeks or months. They are made from super strong Nylon-666. I put them on my last car's radiator hoses, heater hoses and fuel injector hoses. They lasted for more than 12 years! Try them for your next application. You'll be glad you did.
Double-locking Nylon-666 Hose Clamps have incredible strength and staying power due to the material they are made from and the double row of interlocking teeth. They are strong and will not vibrate loose, can not rust or corrode, install faster than metal worm-drive clamps, cost effective in time savings, easy to install even with the hose already in place, effective temperature range -40 to +300 F, not affected by fuels, water or salt solutions, resistant to most chemicals (except acids), there are no protruding bands to cut hands and arms and they are re-usable as long as the teeth are not damaged.
Concerned about strength of Nylon-666? There is documentation from Michael Day Enterprises, Wadsworth, OH, of testing by ASTM Test Method D638 showing Nylon-666 tensil strength at the breaking point to be 26500 pounds per square inch, certainly strong enough for most applications short of hydraulic pressure hoses, which are not recommended.
To install, simply position the clamp around the hose and engage tongue into jaw with finger pressure. Using pliers, close clamp until the desired pressure is applied to the hose. To remove, use pliers to grip the entire end of the jaw section and gently twist sideways to disengage the teeth from the jaw.
Package of 10. This clamp fits hoses whose outside diameters are about 1 & 1/4 inches to about 1 & 3/8 inches. Depending on the softness of the hose, this size should fit most 1 & 3/8 inch hoses. Comes in black or royal blue. Sorry, no color choices available.
Among common uses for nylon hose clamps are automotive heater hoses, fuel line hoses, fuel injector hoses, radiator hoses, all marine (boating) hoses, swimming pool hoses, fish tank pump hoses, clear vinyl tubing and neoprene hoses in all sizes as well as braided utility hoses. Deionization systems, biomedical and clinical laboratories also have applications for these products.
Vinyl Tubing OD: 5/16"-Size 22-AA; 3/8"-Size 24-BB; 7/16"-Size 25-C; 1/2"-Size 26-D; 5/8"-Size 28-F; 7/8"-Size 31-J; 1"-Size 33-L; 1 1/4"-Size 35-N.
Neoprene Hose: 1/8"-Size 22-AA; 3/16"-Size 23-B; 9/32"-Size 26-D; 3/8"-Size 28-F.
Braided Utility Hose ID: 1/4"-Size 27-E; 3/8"-Size 28-F; 1/2"-Size 31-J; 5/8"-Size 32-K; 3/4"-Size 34-M; 1"-Size 37Q; 1 1/4"-Size 40-T; 1 1/2"-Size 43-W.
Fuel Line Hose ID: 1/4"-Size 25-C; 5/16"-Size 26-D; 3/8"-Size 28-F.
Heater Hose ID: 1/2"-Size 30-H; 5/8"-Size 31-J; 3/4"-Size 33-L.
Radiator Hose ID: 1 1/4"-Size 38-R; 1 1/2"-Size 40-T; 1 3/4"-Size 43-W.

Rotocon hose clamps,size 36-p (1.28 to 1.40