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Welding hose, 100' x 1/4" grade t twin

This Hose is new never used just not in the package. The package
was removed because it was damaged. Below is the specifications
GRADE T Premium Quality Welding Hose IS For Use With Fuel Gases Including Acetylene. All Grade T Twin Line Hoses Are One continuous Length Of Hose. Grade T Twin Line Welding Hose Has A Smooth Cover. Welding Hose Cover Is Red For Acetylene; Green For Oxygen. Caution: If You Cut Or Heat With An Alternative Fuel Gas, Grade R or RM Welding Hose Is Not Recommended. Grades R and RM Hose Are Recommended For Use With Acetylene Gas only. Grade T Welding Hose Is Safe For Use With All Fuel Gases Including Acetylene. Purge Hoses When Not In Use For 30 Minutes or Longer. Couple With 1 Inch Long Ferrules Only. Failure To Follow Recommended Application Information Or Procedures Could Result In Fire Or Severe Personal Injury. Specs: Hose Type: Twin Hose Diameter: 1/4 in Hose Length: 100 ft Grade: T Hose Fittings: BB

Welding hose, 100' x 1/4